Medium Scale Loop

There are significant economic benefits for clients when working in our new downsized laboratories, compared to using the large scale loop. But SINTEF’s new facilities are essentially complementary, and some projects may benefit from experiments in both. The medium scale loop is located indoor in a 60 m long laboratory hall. A 100 m long loop can easily be accommodated. Pipe diameter varies typically from 2.5 to 4 inch, and typical pressure is 10 bar. By using SF6 as the gas phase, gas densities equal to that of methane at 88 bar can be reached. This facility allows the study of multiphase flow in much greater detail than what is possible in large scale. For example: oil droplets, gas entrainment into oil and droplet entrainment into the gas phase, may be studied in this facility. A 11 m3 separator provides long retention times so that less easily separable fluids, such as viscous oils can be used. All this and more is required if more accurate models of multiphase flow are to be developed.

Flow jubilee brochure