The large scale loop

The large scale loop is an industrial scale two-phase flow facility with EX control. The main features are a 500m long pipe rack and a 60 m high riser tower. A typical loop configuration has a total length of 1000 m. Flow lines are mainly 8” diameter with additional 4” and 12” diameter lines, and 0, 0.5°, 1°, 5°, 10° and 90° inclinations are available.

Special geometry sections exists for severe and terrain slugging studies.
The experiments are conducted with nitrogen and hydrocarbon liquids.
Currently, naphtha, diesel and lube oil are available. Maximum liquid rate is 450 m³/h (4.5 m/s in 8” pipe), and maximum gas rate is 1580 m³/h (15.6 m/s in 8” pipe). Maximum operational pressure is 90 bar (design pressure 114 bar), and normal operational temperature is 30°C (design temperature -20°C to 80°C).
Normal instrumentation is a wide range of flow meters, pressure meters for pressure gradient measurements, temperature probes and gamma densitometers for holdup measurements. In addition, special instrumentation is installed as needed and special sections exist for optical measurements and visual observation.

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