• The large scale loop

    The large scale loop is an industrial scale two-phase flow facility with EX control. The main features are a 500m long pipe rack and a 60 m high riser tower. A typical loop configuration has a total length of 1000 m. Flow lines are mainly 8” diameter with additional 4” and 12” diameter lines, and 0, 0.5°, 1°, 5°, 10° and 90° inclinations are available.

  • Medium Scale Loop

    There are significant economic benefits for clients when working in our new downsized laboratories, compared to using the large scale loop. But SINTEF’s new facilities are essentially complementary, and some projects may benefit from experiments in both.

  • Small Scale Real Crude laboratory

    SINTEF believes it is necessary to shed more light on multiphase chemistry. Fields on the Norwegian Continetal Shelf and elsewhere are facing tailend production with increasing water-cuts. To simulate the interaction between fluid phases a deeper understanding of the chemistry of events is required.

  • co2

    The CO2 capture laboratory at Tiller contains a test facility for developing post combustion CO2 capture technology. The laboratory houses a full height absorption process designed for testing and developing new CO2 capture solvents.

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