The CO2 capture laboratory at Tiller contains a test facility for developing post combustion CO2 capture technology. The laboratory houses a full height absorption process designed for testing and developing new CO2 capture solvents. The test facility has a CO2 capture capacity of 50kg CO2/h and is designed for accurate measurement of energy requirements, emission measurements, solvent degradation properties and other process performance parameters.

The test facility consists of a full height absorption tower (20cm inner diameter and 19.5 meter height) heat integrated with the solvent regeneration system which consists of a stripper column (13.6 meter) and an electrically heated re-boiler (60 kW).
The process is automatically operated and generates high quality process data which together with analysis results from gas and liquid samples are input for further analysis and mathematical modelling in the CO2SIM process simulator developed by SINTEF and NTNU.

The CO2 capture laboratory at Tiller is financed by SINTEF, while the test facility is financed through the SOLVit project, which is joint research project carried out by Aker Clean Carbon, NTNU and SINTEF, sponsored by the CLIMIT program through Gassnova, with additional financial support from the industrial sponsors E.On AG, ScottishPower and Statkraft.

The CO2-lab facility with its chemistry hall of 10 m roof-height and adjacent tower of 30m roof-height, also has available capacity for additional future indoor test rigs and pilot plants.

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